Delaware Volunteer Firefighters
Make a difference. Volunteer today!

Each and every day, ordinary people like you are helping out in their communities in ways that are often invisible but very valuable. These everyday heroes are making a difference at their local Volunteer Fire Company by volunteering their time to ensure continuous and professional protection for their family, friends, and neighbors - and you.

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Make a difference. Volunteer today!
Delaware Volunteer Firefighters

Whether you volunteer to fight fires or provide emergency medical services, you will be making a commitment of time to your local Fire Company and community. In any given week you will spend some time in training, attending meetings, maintaining equipment, and a variety of other duties in addition to going out on calls. While there is no limit to the amount of time you can give, an average weekly commitment can be five to eight hours.

There are plenty of other ways to volunteer as well. Administrative staff help run the corporate side of the Fire Company, Fire Police help with traffic control and scene safety, and Auxiliary members provide valuable support both in front of and behind the scenes. A typical Fire Company is comprised of volunteers of numerous and varying skills, backgrounds, and interests. There are roles, jobs, and things to do available for almost everyone!

Most Fire Companies will require recruits to be local residents. You will have the opportunity to strengthen relationships with local residents and businesses. You will also enjoy developing and building strong bonds with your fellow volunteers.

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Make a difference. Volunteer today!
Emergency preparedness -
you could save a life, or your own
Valuable experience
both for life and your resume
Leadership opportunities
Sense of pride and accomplishment for
helping and volunteering in your community
Free Volunteer Firefighter
Delaware surf fishing permit
All necessary equipment
and gear provided
Special ‘Delaware Volunteer
Firefighter’ license plate
available from DMV
Free Training – Firefighting, Vehicle Rescue,
Hazardous Materials, Emergency Medical
Services, CPR/ AED click here to learn more
Pension plans available for
long-term volunteers
Volunteers covered by
worker’s compensation
Blood Bank
Competitive college
scholarships available
$100,000 line of duty death benefit
Annual immunizations
$400 Delaware state
tax credit
$7,000 member funeral
expense payment
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Make a difference. Volunteer today!
Vary by local fire company and membership type, but generally include:
Make a difference. Volunteer today!

A member of the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter's Association will contact you to answer any questions and put you in touch with your local Volunteer Fire Company.
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